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Bryan Falchuk (@BryanFalchuk) has been an overachiever his whole life. When his life started to crumble, he took a step back, put on his consultant's hat and examined what was holding him back.

No long after, Bryan drop a lot of weight, reorganized his daily routine, became a vegan, and developed a life-transformation system he calls "Do A Day."

“I felt like an idiot every single day, and that was exactly what I wanted. I grew a lot at Tuck, but the amount of growth I went through during those two years at McKinsey was on a whole other level.” - Bryan Falchuk

What We Discuss with Bryan Falchuk:

  • How Bryan escaped the Dot Com bubble just as he was starting his career.
  • Working at McKinsey & Co. as a 20-something who knows nothing.
  • His wife's battle with chronic lyme disease.
  • How Bryan has kept off 100-lbs. of excess weight.
  • The 'Do-A-Day' framework.
  • His current role in the c-suite.

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More About the Show

Bryan Falchuk had everything going for him in his career. He avoided the Dot Com bubble bursting by graduating a year early and taking a full-time internal strategy role at Liberty Mutual Insurance. A few years a couple job titles later, Bryan went back to school, earning his MBA in Business from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University.

Afterwards, Bryan accepted a consulting position at the McKinsey & Company, where he stayed for nearly three years. Leaning on his experience in the insurance industry, Bryan took himself back into insurance and spent over six yers traveling the globe with UK-based Beazley Group.

However, while everything was looking up in his career, life at home wasn't so joyous. For decades, Bryan's wife had suffered terrible, seemingly-unprovoked 24-48hr illnesses. For a day or two at a time, she'd be a sick as she'd ever been, and then it would subside. And in 2011, she suffered another episode, only this time for weeks she wasn't getting better.

"It all came to a head on June 30th, when she was down to about 100-lbs. and losing two pounds a day," Falchuk says. "Her doctor called to tell me he was going on vacation for six weeks and he'd check in when he was back. If you do the math on that, she wasn't going to make it six weeks."

Traditional western medicine wasn't helping, and the doctors weren't helping. Bryan says this was his lightbulb moment, and if his wife weren't to recover, he'd be raising his young son alone.  

In response, he and his wife turned to other, non-traditional forms of medicine, and she started to get better. Since then, Bryan's wife has made a full recovery. Bryan himself changed his routine too. 

From that moment on, Bryan decided to be more intentional with his focus. He became active again, losing 50-lbs. he had gained back (after losing 100-lbs. at his peak weight), became a vegan, started endurance running, and created a system he calls "Do A Day." He wrote a short book about his concept, and is now on the speaking and podcast circuits.

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