Who is this bald man?
Author, Speaker, and Coach
Who is this bald man?

A Background Designed to Impress Overachievers:

  • I was named to the Homecoming Court at Indiana University and was recognized as the top student leader in the country by my fraternity.
  • I helped Fortune 50 companies re-engineer their business processes while at Arthur Anderson.
  • At the age of 27, I was responsible for all accounting and operations for a $10 million manufacturing company.
  • I convinced the CEO of a software company to let me run the seven man sales team before I had even read a book on the subject.
  • I hosted a radio show for entrepreneurs for two years and had a regular column in the Indianapolis Business Journal.
  • Five days before my son was born at the age of 33, I quit my job, took all of our savings and started a coaching business in my basement.
  • I’ve sat on more than a dozen non-profit boards and was selected as one of the most influential leaders in Indianapolis under the age of 40.

Interesting Facts that May Convince You I’m Nuts:

  • My favorite 3 XM Radio stations are 70’s on 7, Backspin (old school hip hop with curse words), and The Message (Contemporary Christian)
  • I was attacked by a goose (the same one) two years in a row-both times with my children watching
  • My favorite TV show is The X Files and I’ve seen The Matrix at least 30 times
  • One of my proudest moments is when I taught my nine year old daughter the words to My Uze Weighs a Ton by Public Enemy
  • I’ve been to the emergency room twice with gout
  • I’ve eaten at Einstein’s Bagels for breakfast 5 days a week for more than 17 years
  • I’d rather have one of my fingers cut off than watch the Patriots win another Super Bowl

Ways to get connected

  • Blog

    The weekly blog is a draw of the experiences and conversations I've had over the last 14 years as a coach. Sometimes all you need is a gentle reminder sent right to your inbox.
  • Book

    Struggling to find a balance between ambition and peace of mind? The Overachiever's Dilemma is the essential guide for the "Type-A" professional who is looking for more satisfaction in success.
  • TMU

    ThriveMap University moves you past the cycle of seeking perfection, clarifies your most important 12-month and 3-year goals, and teaches you how to enjoy life along the way.
Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles, Chicken Soup for the Soul

The Professional's Complete Guide to Leaving Your Laptop at Work

Core Beliefs when it comes to business

  • Success is Simple

    Identify people who've already accomplished what you're trying to achieve and follow their path.
  • Change is Hard

    Disciplining yourself to follow this simple advice is extremely difficult and never happens overnight.
  • Life is a Journey

    Your success depends on a desire to achieve a goal, self-awareness to appreciate the shortcomings, and patience to endure the failures.