Chances are good that you’ve already got the answers. Now, you need an experienced outside voice to cut through the noise

Executive Business Coach CJ McClanahan

Chances are good that you’ve already got the answers. Now, you need an experienced outside voice to cut through the noise
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Your business has a leader committed to constant improvement and open to constructive feedback and a team that is prepared to follow through on all commitments. But you need help implementing your business model and reaching your goals.

With his experience as an executive coach and successful entrepreneur, CJ McClanahan brings an outside perspective to your team, helps you achieve clarity and focus, and offers actionable steps to grow your business. CJ also offers a leadership development program as well as coaching services for executives and sales teams.

Executive Coaching

This individual coaching program helps a leader identify their professional vision, design the right plan, execute and adjust. It includes regular face to face meetings and access to CJ throughout the program via email and phone.

Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process is for organizations with at least 25 employees. It includes an assessment of the organization’s history and a comprehensive survey of all relevant leaders. The final deliverable contains a 1 and 3 year vision and execution strategy to reach objectives.

Sales Coaching

This coaching program helps an individual develop the habits and skills necessary to predictably increase their productivity. It includes regular team and individual meetings. Success is built around 3 fundamental activities – design the process, measure the activity and implement the strategy.

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“Working with CJ has been a transformative experience- personally and professionally. His purpose-centered approach to coaching has fundamentally changed how I live and work. Over the course of our 5+ year relationship he has consistently challenged me to think further and work smarter. It's been a no-brainer of an investment.”
– Jeb Banner, Small Box
“A lot of people think success in business is about trying hard but business is about creating results throughout all the noise. CJ is an absolute expert at cutting through the mental and tactical noise to deliver actionable steps to grow your business. If you want a business coach to make you feel good about what you are doing, go somewhere else. If you want a business coach who is going to dig in and tell you want you need to know to make real results happen, CJ is your guy.”
– Evan Burns, CEO Olympia Media Group
“Upon accepting the new role, CJ continued to provide me a sharpness that I have not worked with previously. Focus, time management, strategic thinking about my business have improved while working with CJ. My division’s sales grew 80% in two years while working with CJ on talent identification, setting and managing expectations, and becoming a divisional leader.”
– Michael J. McGlothlin, Executive Vice President, Ash Brokerage Corporation
“As the president of a small company, I really wanted someone outside of the organization that I could consult with about business decisions and strategic direction. CJ has been great. He has helped me maintain focus on big issues, and been very responsive when I've needed to consult with him urgently.”
– Jim Luther, President, Luther Consulting
“I’ve worked with CJ for several years as an adviser and business coach. CJ has been instrumental in making sure we are doing the basic blocking and tackling correctly while pushing us to look at the big picture and develop goals that he helps hold us accountable for reaching.”
– Brian Schmidt, Partner, Katz Sapper Miller
“CJ has helped me in two extremely important areas - strategically focusing and executing my business development efforts and making sure that I commit to and accomplish my family and personal goals.”
– Nick Mathioudakis, Partner, Faegre Baker Daniels
“As my executive coach, and with an outside perspective, CJ helped my cut through the clutter and discover the most important metrics to measure performance standards, bringing significant results to my organization.”
– Shawn Mulholland, VP Sales and Marketing, FreemanWhite
“CJ has been an important part of our firm’s success over the past five years. He has the unique ability to coach and challenge a wide variety of personalities. He makes the people he coaches more successful and better people.”
– President, United Consulting