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#064 – The ‘As-Soon-As’ Game
Everything seems to be better… ‘as soon as’… you get a promotion… as soon as you have some free time, or as soon as you have the money. We were wired at an early age to get good grades and...
#052 – Jeb Banner: Passionate Company Culture
Recently, I ran into one of my past clients and was reminded of one of the best interviews we conducted throughout the 2015/2016 season. In this episode we interviewed Jeb Banner and discussed the impact of having great company culture...
#050 – What Facebook & Google Are Getting Wrong
Sure, open office layouts are great for collaboration, BUT…. Have you ever had the one person in your office who overshares their every life story? They’re pretty easy to spot once you know what to look for. This person usually...
#044 – Jacob Moore: Mental Health & The Workplace
This week, we are joined by filmmaker, public speaker, and founder of– a social movement for mental health equality, Jacob Moore. Imagine for a minute that you manage a staff of professionals. One day you get an email from...