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#099 – When Enough is Enough
#099 – When Enough Is Enough When you look back to when you were 25, could you have guessed you’d be making as much money, or be as wealthy, as you are today? Back then, you’d probably have thought someone...
#092 – Thanksgiving 2017
Ever since I got married, Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday. We pile the kids in the minivan and head to visit my in-laws. This year, we considered going to FL for about 10 seconds. For some reason, there’s no...
#066 – The ‘Thank You’ Note
Other than Amazon, how often is it that you receive something in the mail that isn’t marketing, a bill, a newspaper, or some form of advertisement? In today’s age, a gesture as simple as saying ‘thank you’ is not only...
#036 – Dr. Jin: Morning Mindfulness
In this episode you will discover: How he treated headaches successfully using Autogenic Training The non-conventional concept of holistic health, its applications, and benefits Tips to practice mindfulness on the go How to jump into meditation and make it stick...