Archive: Money

#094 – Greg Baumer: True Riches
Greg Baumer and his buddy were in a class in the Harvard Business School and had to write a final paper about the relationship between God and money. After surveying thousands of Harvard alumni that identify as Christians about their giving...
#058 – $1,000 Transcendental Meditation Teacher
In this episode, CJ covers buying your information versus getting it for free. Why do we take some information more seriously than others, and does it have an affect on our emotional well-being when we’re trying to improve ourselves? In...
#047 – Bad Purchases
From a Jack LaLanne Juicer to slightly used camping gear, this week we discuss bad purchases and regretful buys…
#043 – Pete the Planner: Lifestyle Creep
In this podcast, you will learn about: Why intelligent people spend unwisely and fall into debt Why stability and a gigantic lifestyle are inconsistent Why “working hard” does not justify making unwise spending decisions The importance of facing up to...
#042 – Dr. Greg Sipes: ‘One More Dollar’
In this episode, you will learn: How to push through the head-trash of being in business Happiness through the parable of John D. Rockefellar The variables that determine happiness as well as the true happiness threshold for humans. Why our...