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#078 – Jack Canfield: The Rule of Five
If there’s ever been a mentor who can motivate you to think bigger…it’s Jack Canfield. Not long ago Jack sat in for a conversation. We talked about some amazing rules he’s created to be disciplined whenever he’s focused on a...
#077 – Choose Your Mindset
Throughout your life, it’s probable that you’ve identified a handful of basic characteristics. Maybe you’re naturally athletic, anxious, afraid to try new things, or smarter than most of your peers. We’ve all got a few traits that seem to be...
#070 – Interests vs. Committments
On this episode, we reflect on the difference of being interested versus committed, and how you can come to absolve yourself of responsibilities that take away from you achieving what you really want to do.  The simple truth is this:...
#055 – Stop Comparing! Your Sanity Depends On It
In this episode, you’ll discover: Signs that you’re playing in “The Comparison Game” How to reduce the urge to compare your situation to others The strategy to begin to feel content AND keep a winning edge If you walk into a room and...
#053 – Cheri Huber: Inner Egos
  In this episode, you’ll discover: Her discovery of Zen through D.T. Suzuki in the midst of severe depression Strategies to cope with and reduce onslaughts of anxiety and stress The traits that keep overachievers from reaching their full potential...
#012- How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
“Comparison is the thief of Joy” – Theodore Roosevelt Most of us fall into the trap of looking at our neighbor and making a comparison between their situation and ours. We make snap judgments on how much better their achievements...