#028 – Harvey Deutschendorf: Emotional Intelligence

#028 – Harvey Deutschendorf: Emotional Intelligence

“Leadership is not domination. It’s the art of persuading people to work toward a common goal” – Daniel Goleman

Emotional intelligence expert Harvey Deutschendorf (@theeiguy) joins us to discuss the effect of leaders having EI and what it can do for their bottom line and quality of life.

Harvey is an internationally published author and has worked in the field of emotional intelligence for more than 20 years. Before becoming a EI expert himself, Harvey researched the works of Daniel Goleman. Inspired by his message and the profound effect EI has on one’s well-being, Harvey transformed his own life.

Harvey is a Certified Administrator of the Jack Canfield Principles and BarOn EQI- the first scientifically certified test approved for emotional intelligence. He’s a regular columnist on the subject of leadership in Fast Company and HR Professionals Magazine.

In addition to his work in EI, Harvey is a nationally recognized author. His book,The Other Kind Of Smart: Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence For Greater Personal Effectiveness and Success is filled with exercises, techniques, and stories that serve as a blueprint for improving one’s own EI.

It’s exciting to do this interview with Harvey simply because after working with executives for years, I’ve found that EI can be the breaking point for most leaders.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Harvey’s background which included coming from a home with parents who were WWII refugees as well as having limited educational and financial resources
  • What emotional intelligence is and its relationship with our health, family, and work
  • The negative effects of surpressing emotional intelligence on productivity and creativity =
  • The connection with leadership and EI and how it can transform your team’s motivation to follow you
  • How conflict can build better relationships
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