#064 – The ‘As-Soon-As’ Game

#064 – The ‘As-Soon-As’ Game

Everything seems to be better “as soon as.”

We were wired at an early age to get good grades and do we well in sports. We were told that life’s goal is to achieve–and we assume that with enough accomplishments we’d be happy.  However, if, like me,  you’re waiting for the “as soon as” to be today, then, you probably aren’t satisfied.

How can I best live in the moment and be grateful for what I’ve been given? How do I enjoy this journey called life? In this podcast, I talk about recognizing the “as soon as”  game to be a part of who I am and to stop expecting something more “as soon as…” I’ve accomplished something.


Show Notes:

Rick Hanson: http://www.rickhanson.net/books/hardwiring-happiness/

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