#066 – The Thank You Note

#066 – The Thank You Note

In this episode:

  • A moment where I caught myself moaning/groaning about travel and bitching about weather
  • Why marketing is built to make you feel inadequate
  • The power of writing a thank you note
  • How to craft a thank you note and who to send it to

Other than Amazon, how often is it that you receive something in the mail that isn’t marketing, a bill, a newspaper, or some form of advertisement?

In today’s age, a gesture as simple as a ‘Thank You’ is not only a rarity, it’s virtually nonexistent. Yet, I continually find that people are elated when they open a hand-written letter that someone took the time to mail. It’s so simple that it’s amazing people don’t do it more.

So, the question is, what can you do with a hand-written note? Here are a few ideas…

  1. Lay out a letter to be sent out at the end of the week and make a deadline to send it out to someone
  2. Follow up after getting someone’s business card
  3. Reach out to someone you’ve not spoken with in awhile
  4. Tell a friend why you appreciate them
  5. Give a client your gratitude for their business
  6. Stay in touch with a relative

PS-PLEASE DON’T use computer generated “hand-written notes”

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