#068 – The Power of Relationships

#068 – The Power of Relationships

In this episode:

  • The importance of putting in time in a relationship
  • How in the worst of times, our relationships become our rocks
  • The fruitfulness in expressing appreciation for your relationships

Sometimes unexpected events occur, and it feels like the ground is shaking. If the ground beneath us trembles just enough, we fall to our feet. When we are in this state, how are we to be caught, so that we might rise from the ground again?

It is our relationships that catch us like a safety net when we fall. This truth is reflected in Dr. Greg Sipes‘ wise words, “Life is only about relationships.”  Sometimes, you won’t know the value of your contacts, friends, family and others until tragedy strikes. Before that happens, it’s worth giving your appreciation and time into those whom you love. In this podcast, we reflect on our relationships and how important they are in our lives.


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