Episode 84 – How to Create a Compelling Story | Jennie Nash

Episode 84 – How to Create a Compelling Story | Jennie Nash

This week I’m honored to introduce my friend and amazing book coach, Jennie Nash.


Jennie’s work shouts overachiever. She’s written for dozens of national magazines including The New York Times, authored eight books and founded AuthorAccelerator- a company with 22 book coaches dedicated to working with authors and shepherding them through the process of writing and publishing. Through coaching, her clients have landed top New York agents, and had books published by Scribner, Simon & Schuster, Norton, Ten Speed, and SelectBooks.


Jennie has been a huge inspiration and absolutely critical for my brain during the book writing process. In fact, there were many times where I’d craft an entire chapter just to have it thrown out (this always ended up producing a much better chapter in the end). Jennie knows her stuff.


In today’s show, we’re talking about the elements that make up a compelling story. With the thousands of messages our brains are exposed to today, how can we craft a powerful message that resonates with the audience?


I encourage you to check out her other work and definitely look up AuthorAccelerator. If you’ve ever considered authoring your own book then hiring a coach is a great step towards making it happen!


To learn more about her work and view other client success stories, check out her website at JennieNash.com



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