After 14 years of working with business leaders on leadership, peak performance, and business growth, CJ McClanahan has inspired thousands to shift their paradigm and redefine success on their own terms. Rather than deliver a message to organizations, teams, and individuals, CJ’s innovative perspective aims to inspire the audience to achieve their biggest goals AND enjoy the process along the way. In a compelling way, CJ McClanahan’s The Overachiever’s Dilemma keynotes will ignite a conversation that revolutionizes the way your brain perceives and pursues success.

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Sample Topics:

Unlock the Potential of the Facebook Generation

Many leaders believe that millennials are a lazy generation who expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. I disagree and will teach your organization how to unlock the potential of the most connected, intelligent and innovative group of talent the world has ever seen.

Leave Your Laptop at Work

You put in a ton of hours each week, and the marketplace is only going to expect more from you in the future. In this humorous talk, I will teach you the fundamental best practices for dramatically increasing your productivity while decreasing the amount of hours it takes to get the job done.

The Power of an Unreasonable Deadline

I guarantee that you are capable of achieving significantly more than you can imagine. In less than an hour, I’ll inspire your group to set breakthrough goals and get excited about the journey to achieve each one.

Put Down the Energy drink

Caffeine should never be required to make you bearable in the morning or keep you awake in the afternoon. This talk will teach you how to increase productivity by developing healthy habits in eating, sleeping, exercise and daily reflection.

More Than a Foosball Table

Everyone agrees that great companies are built upon a solid culture. At the end of this presentation, you’ll understand how to really develop a values based organization that is driven to excel and not just goof off in the break room.

Maximize the Daily Grind

National surveys indicate that workplace satisfaction is at a historical low and this unhappiness has a negative effect on the bottom line. I’ll teach you how I’ve helped thousands of professionals get the most out of their time at the office by focusing on their opportunities to develop new skills and make a meaningful difference in the organization.

What Others Are Saying

“Recently, CJ developed and delivered our Keynote Address and a breakout seminar for our membership at NPCA’s 45th Annual Convention. His background in small business coaching provided a unique skill set that allowed him to tailor the course specifically to our members. CJ’s comprehensive approach to the course content and his delivery style were very well received by the course participants; he was one of the highest rated instructors we had at our event. We look forward to having CJ at a future event!”
– Marti Harrell, Director of Marketing and Education NPCA
“After listening to your session, I literally put your suggestions into motion the next day at the office. It was amazing to me how changing just a few habits made such a huge impact, I even told my boss that CJ changed my life (maybe a little over dramatic, but it’s true)! She has even asked me what I’ve been doing differently and she is trying to change her habits as well. Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate everything I learned in your session.”
– Kara Naugle, Conference & Member Event Associate
“I have been coordinating conferences for the green industry for almost 20 years and worked with over a thousand speakers. CJ McClanahan is easily among the best I have ever worked with as he is enthusiastic, engaging, funny and most importantly, informative. I’d recommend CJ to anyone looking for a top quality speaker on a wide range of business and personnel topics.”
– Zac Reicher, Professor Purdue University
“We have had the distinct pleasure of having CJ McClanahan as an educator at the NetVu Conference in 2010 and 2011. CJ’s sessions are some of the most popular in the Executive track. CJ exceeds expectations, always makes deadlines and is a delight to work with. Please accept our thanks for great presentations.”
– Theresa Gerber, Director of EducationNetVu
“CJ spoke to our group of 160+ educators on “How to do More with Less Time and Resources” and was a hit! He kept our attention with his energy, sense of humor and motivation. It was very refreshing to get tools to use immediately to make us more proficient with our time. I am sure we will have him back to speak again!”
– Lori Ebert, Project Coordinator Indiana University Health
“Thank you for providing a great experience for our partners. Your content was repeatedly referenced by other speakers and partners throughout the event! You made a very positive lasting impression on all! So many partners that I have spoken with said they are going to make a concerted effort to implement and act upon the advice you provided during your presentation. Thank you for adding tremendous value to our program it was a great way to kick off the event!”
– Janine Soika, Director of Channel Marketing & Programs Verio
“If you are looking for a speaker to energize, motivate, and educate your attendees – CJ McClanahan is your speaker! He was so highly rated by our attendees that we brought him back for a second year. He not only brings engaging, relevant, and customized content to match your audience, but he brings a level of professionalism and polish that very few speakers can match. He is also an absolute pleasure to work with—I would highly recommend CJ as an educational and motivating speaker.”
– Kirsten Kirlin, CMP, CMM President and Founder Venuset