100: Dr. Stephen Post | A World Shaped by Love

Dr. Stephen Post  (@StephenGPost) shares a glimpse into how he came to co-found New York-based The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love. We’ll discuss why love is something people all over the globe treasure and desire.

“When the security and well-being of another is as real and meaningful to you as your own- you love that person” - Dr. Stephen Post

What We Discuss with Dr. Stephen Post:

  • Contrary to common beliefs, research has shown that children are born generous with a natural empathy.
  • The concept of love is difficult for a lot of people to get their hands around. We should be using an every day description with universal examples.
  • Being a loving person does not mean you do not look after your own needs. Loving yourself is paramount.
  • The great religions and traditions teach cultivating their "true self," learning how to respect others.
  • Companies that are generous with their employees see increases to their bottom line. Cultivating workplaces that value compassion and generosity is good for business.

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More About This Show

While hosting a weeklong conference with more than 800 people from over 40 countries, Dr. Post was approached by Jill Neimark, a writer from Discover magazine, about doing a piece on him and his work.

He was so impressed with her work that he enlisted her to help him refine his book in a way where his ideas would jump off the page. Shortly after, Why Good Things Happen to Good People hit shelves all over the globe...

“People that give at reasonable levels, given who they are psychologically and physically, they flourish." says Dr. Post. "96% of people that say volunteering makes them feel good."

THANKS, Dr. Stephen Post!

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