102: Lara MacGregor | Living Intentionally While Facing Cancer

Lara MacGregor (@HopeScarvesInc) is a metastatic breast cancer patient and the founder of Hope Scarves, an international non-profit organization based in Louisville, Kentucky which collects scarves from women who have faced breast cancer to give to women undergoing cancer treatment. Since 2014, Hope Scarves has sent over 10,000 scarves to women in 16 countries.

"Facing a cancer diagnosis throws in your face just how fragile and precious life really is." - Lara MacGregor

What We Discuss With Lara McGregor:
  • What it felt like being diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer while expecting her second child.
  • The hopelessness and disbelief of undergoing chemotherapy and feeling her unborn child respond to the treatment.
  • The relief she had when her son was born full-term and healthy.
  • How a woman she had never met, named Kelly, gave her the idea to found an international non-profit organization that’s impacted more than 8,000 women worldwide.
  • What it takes to find joy after surviving breast cancer to years later be diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.
  • How to create meaningfulness by cutting negative energy out of your life in whatever form it takes.

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Hope Scarves is raising capital for metastatic breast cancer research. Help raise $450,000 for the Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Fund by visiting the website here.

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More About This Show:

In 2007, Lara McGregor was 30 years old and expecting her second child.

In a routine trimester check-up with her OB/GYN, she mentioned something she had experienced some bloody discharge from her breast.

As all mothers would tell us, the female body goes through some extreme changes during the course of pregnancy, that would otherwise be cause for concern -- she had thought nothing of it.

On the other hand, her doctor did not, and Lara was sent in for a biopsy the very same day.

48 hours later she received a call... it was breast cancer.

At seven months pregnant, in seemingly picture perfect health and at the top of her career, this was not the news she was expecting.

She would soon learn that her cancer was estrogen-receptor-positive, and her pregnancy was directly fueling its growth. Within days, she would undergo her first round of chemotherapy treatment…

In this episode, Lara describes her story of facing breast cancer, achieving remission, then being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer only a couple years later, and how she has found her purpose again by living every day with intention.

THANKS, Lara MacGregor!

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