108: Isabel Hundt | The Power of Faith-Driven Success

Unlike her siblings, Isabel Hundt (@IsabelKHundt) has always seen things differently, both in the figurative sense, and literally. Isabel has a rare quality called synesthesia. What this means for Isabel is sounds, number and emotions appear to have colors. If you are sad, and are feeling ‘blue’, she can actually see a blue aura around you.

Isabel grew up in East Germany during the Cold War, the oldest of five children. As a twelve-year old, she had a vision of speaking on stage in front of thousands of people. However, she wasn’t speaking German -- in her vision she was speaking English.

"Everything I've done after the age of 18 was always with the goal of coming to the U.S." - Isabel Hundt

What We Discuss with Isabel Hundt:

  • How Isabel became enraptured with the English language and the United States.
  • Isabel's battle with depression as a student at the University of Stuttgart.
  • Her experiences working as an au pair during her late teens and twenties.
  • How she became a life coach, then a business coach, then a spiritual coach.
  • What it means to be an empath and how to recognize the signs.

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More About This Show

After switching universities and changing majors from studying economics to sociology & psychology, Isabel thought she knew exactly how life was supposed to look like.

In her mid-twenties, and still without her degree, Isabel was determined to have a normal life. She condensed her studies from four years to three so she could get her career started and make her way back to America.

Shortly after graduating, she discovered the whole time she was in school her boyfriend had been cheating on her the whole time they were together, and some of those women harass her and say terrible things.

However she didn’t let that stop her. Instead, she dug her heels, asking herself “what is normal?”, and resolving that she would have her own path.

Not long after, immigration laws changed in the U.S. and Isabel was once again able to return to work as an au pair. But her struggles didn’t stop there.


By this time she was in her late twenties, and she’d be subjected to prejudice from her host families, be kicked out on the street with all her belongings, and forced to move across country to retain her visa.

It was only then that a good friend would say something that would change her life forever.

“Isabel, when you just look at people, people know that you know something about them that they don’t want you to know. They trust you easily, but they are afraid that you see the real them.”

Low and behold, she’d make her way to Indianapolis, Indiana studying to get her master’s in counseling at IUPUI.

While at IUPUI she would meet her future husband, get her master’s degree. Later, she would discover her calling as a life transformation coach and learn that she’s an empath.

For nearly a decade now, Isabel has been living out her childhood dream, and has been speaking onstage (in English!) and helping highly-sensitive people navigate their inner worlds and become the best version of themselves.

Isabel is the author The Power of Faith-Driven Success, creator of The Empath Warrior Program, has appeared on 70+ podcasts including Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas, and is an accomplished motivational speaker.

Catch her on social media and check out her Youtube channel.

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