114: Aaron Levy | Raising the Bar


Chicago-area native, Aaron Levy (@RaiseBarCo) is the Founder and CEO of Raise The Bar, a consulting firm that focuses on creating systems that help companies attract and retain millennial talent in the increasingly competitive workforce.

“Before you ask ‘Does this person have the skills to be a manager?,’ you should ask ‘Does this person want to be a manager?’” - Aaron Levy

What We Discuss with Aaron Levy:

  • Aaron’s love of hockey and studying filmmaking at University of Texas.
  • The health & well-being coaching company he started with his brother while in college.
  • Why knowledge does not cause movement to taking action toward change.
  • Why upper management believe millennials are entitled, impatient and hard-to-please.
  • How the philosophy of work and paying for hours worked is a byproduct of the Industrial Revolution.

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More About the Show

Before Aaron Levy even started his career, he was asking himself what causes people to do what they do, or not do. 

Fascinated by understanding what goes through people’s head, he and his brother, a physician in Chicago, started a health & wellness coaching business. The goal? To help people address and create habits that lead to positive change in their lives.

For the better part of the next decade, Aaron, his brother and their team would try every approach possible to give people the the information the needed to make the changes they wanted in their lives.

But for some reason, only a small percentage of the people would make lasting behavior change. As they spoke with others in the industry, these results were not uncommon.

Leaning Into Purpose

Aaron took what learned about human behavior from being in the heath & wellness industry, and began applying his teaching to the world of management in business.

It was a if a lightbulb went on signaling that his next frontier would involve helping to reform the relationship between nature of work and the people that perform it.

In 2016, Aaron founded Raise The Bar Consulting, LLC with the mission to transform the manager role by empowering managers with the tools, skills and training to be better leaders of people.

Disrupting the Status Quo

Since founding Raise The Bar, Aaron has made it his goal to connect with as many people in the biggest way he can.

Aaron is involved in mentoring for the Heartland Alliance, helping refugee children acclimate to their new environment, and 1871, a Chicago organization at the crossroads on technology and entrepreneurship.

In addition, Aaron is the Founder of Startup Grind Chicago, a Google-backed entrepreneur community. He's a committee member with the American Heart Association and advisor for the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Aaron writes for Forbes, Entrepreneur and the Harvard Business Review, a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and is a contributing writing for Thrive Global.

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