When used wisely, ambition is a powerful motivator.

As overachiever’s we seek to challenge ourselves as naturally as we breathe air. Ambition fuels our spirit and forces us to move outside of our comfort zones. Ambition put a man on the moon and gave Tom Brady (begrudgingly) six championship rings. It motivated J.K. Rowling to create the Harry Potter book series and Colonel Sanders to drive to thousands of restaurants looking for a single store that would use his chicken recipe.

It’s what leads us to success and achievements we never thought possible.

Which begs the question…is too much ambition a bad thing?

Just like with having too little ambition, having too much can be a big problem too. Being too ambitious leads to being in a constant state of stress, mental anguish, anxiety, and even depression in some cases.

So what does it take to have ambition, keep your “edge”, but also maintain a healthy lifestyle balance?

In today’s Coach’s Corner, we take on the concept of being incredibly ambitious but also finding the key to maintain a healthy, balanced approach to what success looks like.