Expect Nothing, Gain Everything

By CJ McClanahan 

As we shut the door on 2017, it's this time of year we reflect on things we accomplished. But if you're like most people, you think more about all the goals you didn't achieve.

You are not alone

It's perfect normal for you to put unreasonable expectations on yourself. But as we move into 2018, we should be asking ourselves what we really need to be happy AND satisfied this year.

Let me be clear -- satisfaction is not the same as complacency. Too many times we equate satisfaction with the end of something. We're satisfied, so now we can stop.

As if satisfaction in our lives is a certification you earn and can hang out hat on. But since it's nearly 2018, and we're enlightened about what we want from life, not what we think others think we should want, we're taking life as it reveals itself.

We're not expecting anything. We're not wishing things had worked out different because we've tried that... and it never works. As far as we can perceive time only looks to the future. Wishing we were dealt a different set of cards is so 2017...

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