“Today we will live in the moment, unless it’s unpleasant, in which case me will eat a cookie” – Cookie Monster

Over the years, a summary of my best advice can be boiled down to the phrase – “live in the moment”.

Exactly though, how does one live in the current moment with distractions in our world?
Being tuned in to the people around you, creating connections, remaining without distraction is a wonderful thing. 

It forces you to forge relationships and quiet your mind. It’s often that during these “quiet moments” you tend to get our best ideas/inspiration.
Being worried (or obsessed) about the past or future robs you of the opportunities in the present moment. 
This is not to say that your past doesn’t matter-it’s who you are. The past is a collection of building blocks that have led to today. It’s important.
Conversely, the future you wish for is built with ambition and planning. To reach goals you’ll need both. However, letting it envelop your life will again take away the precious moments of the present. 

Our Coach’s Corner today takes you through the process of preventing worry from robbing you of the time you have today. 

Once you see how much this worry is stealing (yes, I said stealing!!!) you’ll automatically begin the process of reducing your anxieties. 

To your journey,